Holiday on Canada’s West Coast – Salt Spring Island 2017

We’re just back from a trip out west, on a small coastal island called Salt Spring, where we were visiting some of Nick’s family.

It took nearly 12 hours to get there, flying from Toronto to Vancouver and then catching a little sea-plane which took us to the island.

↑ Glad to be making our final descent, after a long day of travelling. ↑

↑ We landed on the water bordering the main town, called Ganges. ↑

With a human population of just over 10 thousand, Salt Spring Island a place primarily dominated by natural beauty.

Readers familiar with Canadian west-coast weather won’t be surprised to hear that there were more rainy days than sunny ones during our week long stay, but we were graced with a gloriously lovely afternoon on our last full day there. And, of course, it was nice out the day we arrived and the day we left! Oh well … since we were there to visit, we didn’t mind at all, spending plenty of time talking, cooking, reading and playing games. We did dodge the clouds and got out when we could, though.

Here we some pictures taken in town …

↑ We found a great thrift store, Transitions, where Nick found a cool vintage jacket ↑

↑ … and we picked up a few gifts at a lovely shop called Salt Spring Books. ↑

↑ We had a tasty sushi lunch at Arigado. ↑

Plenty of moisture leads to natural beauty everywhere you look …

As mentioned, we awoke to a brilliantly sunny day on our last full day, so we took a little road-trip to the southern tip of the island. To give you a feel for the size of Salt Spring, you can drive from one tip to another in under an hour.

We’d stopped for lunch at this charmingly colourful restaurant, Rock Salt, in Fulford Harbour.

We knew we’d like it, as we’d been there before, both during previous trips to Salt Spring and earlier this same week, when we went for breakfast with family before boarding the ferry bound for Victoria, where we spent the day. I forgot my camera for that excursion, however, as pretty as Victoria is, any pictures would have been lousy, as it rained solidly the whole time we were there. I did a little shopping in Victoria, picking up a great vintage silver and black jacket/cardigan at a consignment shop.

↑ Scenery at Fulford Harbour. ↑

Then we headed over to Ruckle Park, a stunning expanse of near-wilderness, which, surprisingly, we seemed to have to ourselves.

↑ Check out the size of the tree stump on Nick’s right. ↑

↑ In front of the same stump. ↑

No doubt, it was sad to leave this beautiful place and the beloved family members who live there. We’ll surely be back, though!

Thanks for checking out my post,
xo Loulou