Bond … James Bond : I Think I Saw Him

Thank goodness I had my camera at the ready to capture this moment because seriously, it happened fast. We rarely take our car out so I went along for the ride when Nick had a meeting in the west-end last week. Suddenly, Bond was right there beside us on the highway.

He was driving his 70s Lotus Esprit and wearing dark glasses to match the era. I can’t be 100 percent certain it was him but I’m pretty sure it was.

(Of course I’m kidding … it was really some gentleman taking a springtime spin in an old car that he clearly loves a lot. This is an interesting time of year around here where cars are concerned … suddenly all the immaculately kept sports-cars are back on the streets, after having been kept safe in garages all winter, away from all the corroding salt that is used to keep the streets free from ice.)

lotus esprit-turbo-01

lotus esprit-turbo-02

lotus esprit-turbo-03

lotus esprit-turbo-04

lotus esprit-turbo-05

lotus esprit-turbo-06

Footage compilation of the car from ‘The Spy Who Love Me’ and ‘For Your Eyes Only’ : here 10 minutes

A shorter look at it : here 1 minute

Tesla founder Elon Musk buys James Bond’s Lotus Esprit submarine car : The Guardian

Happy Tuesday to you.
xo loulou