A Celebration of Friendship : Six Years with Julie

me and j sixth friendiversary

Hello and welcome! I know I don't need to tell you how important friends are in life, so I'll just jump in and tell you about a get together Nick and I had with Julie and Guy last week, in honour of our cherished relationship.

I met Julie 6 years ago when she turned around to talk to me in a line-up, demonstrating that you just never know when/how an important person will enter your life! In fact, I almost didn't even join that line-up but today I'm certainly glad that I did.

When we met, Jules had recently had a young daughter and was in the process of writing her first book of poetry, which was published a few months later. She also wrote one of Canada's most popular blogs on the subject of knitting, Knitted Bliss.

We bonded over the fact that we were both bloggers (I had only written a few posts at the time) and we both loved working with yarn, she knitting with it, and I crocheting. (It's two needles versus one hook, for anyone wondering ... I get asked about that all the time!)

Since then, she has had another child, a boy, and published a second book of poetry, all the while continuing to write her blog and other things.

Since I've written quite a few stories here about things Julie and I have done together, you may already know that we get together regularly. She is a courageous, friendly and loving person, who I'm happy to have as a trusted friend.

Our men, Nick and Guy, got in on the relationship a year after Julie and I met, when J and G came over to our place for dinner.

Since then, one of the things we've all done together several times is go to the AGO First Thursdays event at the art gallery. That's an evening when they offer music, food, drinks and special activities, and generally make a party out of going to the gallery.

So, it made sense that we celebrate our sixth (and fifth for the guys) Friendiversary by going to that.

It was on November 1st and the theme this month was "Roll Up Your Sleeves", in relation to the main exhibit currently on called "Anthropocene". (We didn't go to that show this time, however I wrote about it recently in this post).

As always, First Thursdays was a lot of fun. We were so busy talking and looking at art, though, that we managed to miss all of the scheduled sessions that went on. We didn't mean to, as there were definitely interesting activities planned, however, time just got away from us, and when we arrived at the various locations we found that we were too late. In hindsight, actually, I wonder how the time flew by like it did.

Here are some photos of the evening ...

ago first thursdays roll up your sleeves november twenty eighteen

↑ They serve a unique cocktail in addition to wine and beer. This time it was "The Spicy Orange". ↑

celebrating with friends

food night market at ago first thursdays event toronto

↑ We took our drinks through to the "Night Market" where they offer a number of tapas-sized dishes. We'd saved our appetites because we knew there'd be good food, and the Onion Bhaji, Aloo Ticki, and Popcorn Shrimp we had did not disappoint. ↑

shrimp and spicy noodles at first thursdays night market toronto ago

the four of us taken with gs phone

↑ Guy thoughtfully asked someone to take a shot with his phone, that included all four of us. It makes a nice souvenir of a special evening. ↑

looking at art ago toronto first thursdays event

looking down to food area first thursdays ago toronto art gallery

fourth floor

at ago first thursdays

at ago toronto first thursdays

the pines by robert houle at ago toronto

the three robinson sisters painting portrait by george theodore berthon at ago toronto

artworks by carl beam and robert markle canadian artists at ago toronto

j g and n

at the ago

at the gallery

n and j

walker court at ago during first thursdays event

neapolitan fisherman dancing the tarantella by francisque joseph duret bronze sculpture on display at ago toronto

poster for salon des cent by hermann paul on display at ago toronto

Here's to going to one of my favourite places in the city, with some of my favourite people. Good times, for sure.

Thanks very much for reading,
xo loulou

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  1. knittedblissjc says:

    This was such a fun night, and I’m so glad we are friends!! xoxox

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