Brooching the Subject : DIY


I have ended up with quite a collection of brooches that I love, but rarely wear these days, except pinned to hats in the summertime. I used to wear brooches but stopped after finding holes and small tears in my clothing from the pins. So I came up with a way to use them with zero damage to my clothing. It was a simple solution that I have used quite a few times now, allowing me to make a plain dress prettier, and better fitting at the same time.

What I did was make an elastic belt with snaps that I wear over my dress or top, and then I attach the pin to that. In today’s demonstration I’m doing black on black, making a very plain cotton velvet and waffle dress a little more dressed up, however I have worn the black band with a contrasting coloured dress too, and it looks very nice. The one I’m wearing is narrow, and made to wear with empire-waist dresses, but I plan to make a wider one soon, and try wearing it lower down. This handy little accessory is so simple that you can whip one up in 20 minutes.

Thanks for checking out my idea that will get your pretty pins out of your jewellery box and onto your outfit more often!

xo loulou