Bond Between Man and Animal


My husband Nick and our cat Eddie knew one another before I ever met Eddie. They had made their acquaintance during the spring of 2001 while Nick was working from home and I was heading out to work every day. At the time we were feeding a roughed-up stray tomcat who we called Jack. That guy was as street as they come but came to trust us enough to hang out a bit in our yard and have some food and clean water.

As the story goes, Jack brought this other stray cat with him one day while I was at work, and a bond was formed between man and cat. This second cat turned out to be the one who would come to live with us for 12 years and counting. It wasn’t until about a month after Eddie had first begun visiting our home that I even laid eyes on him. I still clearly remember being called out to the yard by Nick to see this cat, and it was love at first sight. After we did our due diligence to find out if anyone was looking for this pretty fellow, who had been fixed and de-clawed, he moved in with us and our elderly indoor cat Johnson.

Throughout his time with us, though he shows me courtesy, the bond between the two males has always been a very strong one. There is no question who Eddie is very attached to, and that person is not me.

Which brings me to the real story behind this post …

The other day, laundry day, I caught sight of these two little ears peeking up from behind a pile of items in the guest bedroom that were awaiting their turn in the washing machine. I liked the way the light was hitting and had my camera handy in the next room, which is our shared office. So I snapped a few pictures and went back to work at my computer.




A little while later Nick went into the guest room and not knowing I could hear him began to speak to Eddie. I heard him ask, ‘Are you cold?’, and while I didn’t hear Ed’s answer, it must have been something like, ‘Yes, I am a little bit chilled’, because when I took a peek in later, this is what I saw …


Aww <3Happy Caturday and Saturday to you, my friends. Wishing you a great weekend,xo loulou