Our Furry Friends Away From Home

Because today is the day of the week that I usually talk about pets, (and most often about our resident boy-cat Eddie), I will begin my Island of St. Martin vacation story with this post showing you some cute kittens that became our temporary pets while we were there.

They lived at the hotel and were very clean and well cared for. We estimated that they were about 6 months old, and roamed around freely. They would drop by and hang out, when invited, while we were relaxing on the patio connected to our room. If we saw one of them before they noticed we were out there, a little click of our tongue would bring them running right over. Yes, running … it was quite adorable.

They were all females (though we did see a male who appeared to be the same age but who wasn’t interested in people.) My favourite was the little orange-y tabby and Nick’s was the furry black and white one. That poor little girl had a black beard!

We never had more than one at any given time, so I imagine they made the rounds, visiting with all the guests of the hotel who also wanted to spend time with them.

They were very sweet, purred loudly, and even let me pick them up, never showing a claw. Their lightness of weight and tiny chests made me realize that, while our Eddie is a normal sized adult cat, he is a big boy!

Speaking of Ed, he was well taken care of by my mother who enjoyed a holiday in the city, bringing her dog Kiki along too. Everyone had a good time, but we could tell that we were missed by Cat when we arrived home! There was lots of love to be had, that’s for sure. He hopped from one lap to the other and then at bedtime, settled on top of Nick’s unpacked suitcase for the night.

And appreciating that not everyone is a cat person, I’ll include these shots of this cute old sleepy dog we came upon in one of the cities we visited. We met him during nap-time so he didn’t get up, but his tail sure did, wagging away to beat the band.

Happy Caturday and thanks for taking a look,
xo loulou