Bits and Pieces : February 2014

Hi :) Here is my post where I put some random photos I took during the previous month that didn’t fit into any other story so otherwise would not have been seen. I try to keep them interesting and I hope you enjoy them.

As you can see, February’s predominant theme was winter around here!


(1) Snowy Fences – When freshly fallen, snow can even make old rickety fences look nice.


(2) Ice Rink – These are the public rinks on Bathurst Street just south of Dundas. During the three other seasons that same spot is converted into a really neat looking skate-boarding arena with a bunch of ramps and rails.


(3) Abandoned Basketball Hoop – This hoop in a park I pass through frequently is very popular in the summer. I included a shot of it in use in September’s Bits and Pieces Post here. Usually someone takes the net off the rim in the wintertime but this year they forgot.


(4) Snowman Door – This painting on a shop door on Queen Street West was put there as a holiday decoration but the expression on the snowman’s face says it all about how people are feeling about this brutal winter we’ve had this year. It has been the coldest winter we’ve had in 20 years with 32 extreme cold weather alerts issued so far, including today. (That’s when they warn you to stay inside so your face doesn’t freeze off.) We shouldn’t complain though, as there are other parts of Canada who have had it even worse this year.


(5) Snowman Door II – I’m glad I’m not the only person who left some Christmas decorations up into February. I don’t blame these people for leaving theirs up, as they look so cute. You can see that it was snowing when I took this picture.


(6) Baubles in a Tree – Now I’m not certain if these were put up for Christmas or for Turkish New Year. The reason I say that is that a neighbour of ours (not this house) always decorates a tree in his year after Christmas so I once asked him about it. Turns out that in Turkey there is a tradition to decorate trees to celebrate the new year.


(7) Tiny Fingerprint Hearts – This cute bookmark was made for me by my cousin Lisa and her little girl Delilah (previously met in this post) for Valentine’s. I can only imagine the patience exhibited by Lisa in getting a wee 2 year old girl to stamp her finger exactly where it was needed 12 times! Lisa also used my method of using packing tape to laminate, seen here, so this precious moment in time will be preserved (and treasured) forever.


(8) Died Berries in Chinatown – There are always tubs of these dried berries at the food shops in Chinatown and I wonder what they are and what they’re used for. Does anyone know?


(9) Winter Branches


(10) Painted Houses – These old houses, which would have been built in about 1910, look as though they are located on a quiet country town in this picture. The truth is that about 10 yards to the north of them is an extremely busy intersection. I stood there with my camera ready for a break in the constant stream traffic that was passing by, until I could get a shot with no cars in it.

Thank you very much for stopping by. I hope you’re having a good Monday.
xo loulou