Caturday Goes to the Dogs : Too Busy to Pose


Sometimes your pictures just don’t turn out how you’d like them to. In this case, after catching sight of this tiny pup and asking his obliging person if I could take a picture, the dog was simply too excited with life to stop and pose. He was having none of that.

Even with 6 tries, I could not get a shot of his cute little mug.

His name is Coco and he’s a 5 month old French Bulldog.






I hope you’re having a good week-end. All is well here, aside from the fact that it is really really cold outside and we’re expecting more snow. I did reluctantly drag myself out for a walk this afternoon and it was nipppy! So tonight we’re staying close to home and enjoying a couple of hot cocktails that Nick invented, made with a spiced tea blend, a bit of sugar, lemon juice and rum. mmmm so good. There is also a quiche in the oven for dinner.

xo loulou