Caturday Goes to Les Chiens

Eddie the Cat is moving aside for this week’s pet related post, making room for a couple of cute dog guests.

I met up with these two French Bulldogs within half an hour of one another last week.

First this handsome fellow kindly stopped to be photographed on King Street West. I didn’t catch his name as I had to move quickly because his person was holding two cups of coffee that he had just picked up at a coffee shop.




Then over at the grocery store on Queen Street I met Abby.

It was very difficult to get her to sit pretty for pictures because her dad was coming down the escalator with a slice of pizza. This couple were very sweet in trying to help me get a good shot of her though, with the guy getting behind me to see if she would look towards the camera. No luck. She was just too excited about a possible treat.




Thanks for dropping over. I hope your Saturday is a good one so far.
xo loulou