The Gem of a Gift Shop for “Early Rubens” at the AGO

It’s always fun to see what gifts they choose to offer in the gift shops designed specifically to go with the special exhibitions at the AGO. Of course, the regular shop on the main floor is always filled with lots of nice art related items, but the small pop-up shops are cleverly and uniquely customized to reflect whatever show is on at the time.

Since the prime gift shopping season is upon us, I thought you’d enjoy a look at the lovely jewel-toned gift shop accompanying the remarkable “Early Rubens” Exhibition, which runs until January 5th, 2020.

Click here to see one of the paintings in the exhibition, to give context to why they’re selling rubber snakes, and why they’ve displayed them in a head-vase! (but don’t click if snakes and dead things creep you out!)

The shop is accessible whether you see the exhibition or not (but I highly encourage you to see it. It’s so good!). Remember, anyone 25 and under always gets into the gallery free, and others can purchase an “all the art you want at the AGO for a year” pass for $35.

Thanks for taking a look. xo loulou