Pool with Pals? Billiards with Buddies?

UPDATE : The Raq Poolhall has closed permanently.


Please pardon the corny alliterations in the title, but when writing about a pool hall which was originally called “Rack ‘n Whack”, I think a little wordplay is acceptable.

Having opened quite some time ago, in 1997, my memory might be off and I could have the spelling wrong — it may have been “Raq n Wak”, but I’m sure about the implied premise : first you rack them and then you whack them!

The neighbourhood in which it’s located, on Queen Street west, a block west of Bathurst, has changed a lot since they first opened, and so has the place. Their name is now “The Raq” and while they still have seven beautiful pool tables, they’ve expanded from being primarily a pool hall by adding a dance floor, djs on the weekend, a patio and lots of comfortable seats for lounging.

I recently wrote (here) about how Nick and I have gotten back into playing pool regularly. It’s something we did quite a bit when we first got together nearly 21 years ago, but stopped for one reason or another. One of the places we used to go was, in deed, this one.

When I mentioned our newly rekindled interest to our friend Andrea, she said she played, too. So, we organized a Saturday Night Pool Party for four at The Raq.

They usually have a cover charge, but entry is free all summer until Labour Day. Also, the pool tables are always free until 10pm, going to $18 an hour (I believe) after that. We booked a table in advance, and I suggest that you do, too, especially if you want to go on the weekend, as they were all occupied pretty well the whole time we were there, from 9pm until 12:30. Of course, you might get lucky with a walk-in.

It was such a good night out! Everything about our time in this nice looking place was great, including the music, nachos and drinks, very friendly service, and, of course, the pool playing.

We’re looking forward to going back, and I’m thinking that Nick and I might head over on Friday. We’re also planning to go on a Thursday evening sometime, as they host a Language Exchange Event, where all languages are welcome. We speak some French, and have been wanting to practice.

Thanks for reading! xo loulou