High in the Sky with Friends

No doubt, we always enjoy spending time at the lovely home of long-time friends Chops and Leslie, however, being there when it’s warm enough to sit outside really takes the cake. From their perch way up in the sky, they have an ever-changing view of the city that takes your breath away. You feel as though you’re plopped there, right inside a painting.

Of course, the company is way up there too …

Readers here will already know that Leslie is a talented dessert maker, as she often brings a sweet-treat to our places, as seen in this post, for example, but this lady is multifaceted in the kitchen — the whole meal she served was wonderful!

↑ We started with baked brie and strawberry compote, served with two different kinds of bread that Les made herself. ↑

↑ Being a lifelong fan, I’ve never met a potato dish I didn’t liked, and wow, her stuffed ones certainly didn’t disappoint. ↑

↑ They were served alongside a vegetable slaw salad and chicken. ↑

↑ The cake turned out so perfectly that it warranted a moody portrait shot, complete with sunset background! ↑

↑ Pieces were topped with a sauce she had made from wild Ontario blueberries, and vanilla ice-cream. ↑

Thanks once again to these dear people for showing us such a nice time, and to you for checking out what we’ve been up to, (pun intended!).
xo loulou