Summer in the City : A Beach Side Picnic on Centre Island

toronto beach centre island

We recently spent a lovely afternoon with Andrea on Centre Island, a place that is so close to home and yet so far from the usual city sights.

For readers unfamiliar with Toronto, that is one of the islands in the chain of small islands located just south of the mainland, which formed in 1852 after a storm flooded a sand peninsula that had originally been connected. There are eleven islands in total, ranging in size, with two so small that they remain unnamed. Centre Island is the largest and most popular for visitors, who can get there easily via a quick ride on a ferryboat.

We took the King Street West streetcar over to Bay Street, and although we could have hopped on the bus going southward to the ferry terminal, we decided to walk down.

bay and wellington toronto

heading to ferry terminal toronto islands

at the ferry terminal to go to toronto islands


↑ Back-lit on a boat ↑

life jackets in the ferry to go to toronto islands

↑ Safety first ↑

on the water

↑ See the tall smokestack? That is The Hearn Power Plant, the same one discussed a few weeks ago in this post about Toronto's Luminato Art Festival. ↑

Once on the island, we walked about 10 minutes to get to the beach.

toronto island park sign

walking to the beach

↑ Andrea has this handy insulated cooler bag on wheels which made transporting our stuff a breeze, especially when Nick volunteered to pull it. ↑

parkland on centre island toronto

sign for centreville toronto centre island

↑ We passed the pathway going to Centreville, the children's amusement park, but I thought I'd include it here because, as a kid, I thought this was one of the most wonderful places in all the world!↑

We found a large tree for shade, laid out a blanket, unpacked our picnic of finger foods (these hors d'eouvres pictured, veggies and chips with dips, Andrea's delicious banana bread and cherries) and drinks (this iced-tea rum cocktail, wine and water), and settled in for a relaxed afternoon of talking and people watching.

Note: I'm not sure if alcohol is allowed (probably not) but we were discreet, serving the cocktails from a thermos and keeping the box of wine covered.

some food


me 1

↑ Don't know what I was looking at, but this is the only shot of me to choose from! ↑



mens summer hat from goorin bros queen street west toronto

↑ Nick's summer hat is from Goorin and Brothers

patch along beach centre island toronto

beach and peer centre island toronto

beach on centre island toronto

on the beach toronto islands

a walking

nick standing

Heading back to the ferry dock ...

bridge on centre island toronto

n and l

toronto seen from centre island

centre island ferry loading dock toronto

↑ We missed this ferry but didn't really mind waiting for the next one. Ok, well, I won't lie ... we did mind a bit, because the next one was crowded and slow going.↑


looking towards city from toronto centre island

ferry arriving at centre island toronto

↑ The next one coming in. By this time is was about 8pm, so we were surprised to see so many people still arriving at the island. Not sure what they would to do there at night, but clearly something was going on. ↑

Nick just looked over my shoulder at these pictures and said, "that was really nice over there". He's right, it certainly was. Thanks to Andrea for suggesting it.

And thank you for checking out my post. I hope you have a great weekend.
xo loulou

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4 Responses to Summer in the City : A Beach Side Picnic on Centre Island

  1. Vix says:

    What a wonderful spot for a picnic. I love the dramatic skyline and Andrea’s dress is fabulous! xxx

  2. Julie says:

    a great picnic! I love the islands, I prefer to go to Ward island, and wander around the beautiful cottage-like houses there, and then eat at the rectory restaurant, or enjoy the walks through the paths or along the far shore. I love that Toronto has the islands!

  3. what a gorgeous place and time you had loulou! love you in a hat, so pretty! xO!

  4. Yay picnics! Wish I was there. One day maybe!

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