A Crocheted Rose Brooch


In my previous post, here, I included some photos of me taken while we were out in Toronto’s Kensington Market area on the weekend. I was wearing this newly crocheted rose brooch in the pictures.

I first spotted this style of crocheted flower on Pinterest and was taken by how much the example looked like a real rose. I just had to try this interesting looking technique out for myself. The outcome made a cheerful accessory to dress up my plain denim jacket.


The method is outlined here, at the Kati Crafts Blog. While Kati doesn’t take credit for inventing this way of crocheting a rose, she has written out some very clear instructions for making one. It is called the ‘Strip Method’, where the flower is created by crocheting a length of chain and then adding the petals along the chain, changing the size of the petals as you go.


To finish it, you roll the long piece together and stitch it.

Then I sewed on a brooch pin … you can find these at sewing supply shops (I got mine at Neveren’s on Queen Street West, which I showed you in this post).

Note : This pattern works out a lot better when you use thin yarn and a smaller hook … I used a 3.5.


The yarn, a variegated orange, brown and burgundy, has a silver sparkly filament woven into it. It came to me thanks to Julie, who generously gave me a bag full of a wide variety of yarns from her stash last spring. The grab-bag contained a couple of full skeins but also a whole bunch of small amounts left over from some of her knitting projects, and I’ve been having such fun using it up. You’ve already seen this little baby sweater I made with another lovely yarn from this bag, and there will be more finished creations to come.

Here it is in action …


Thank you very much for taking a look. I hope my crocheting friends out there will give this neat technique a try.
xo loulou