Cat’s Christmas Portrait 2015


Thought you might like to see this year’s portrait of Eddie.

I found his dapper sweater at the thrift store. It was meant for a dog, but he seems to like it just fine.

I’ve mentioned before that this cat really seems to know what is expected of him when I point the camera in his direction. He posed like a pro, allowing me to get a good number of shots, and then, once he thought I had enough, the photo-shoot abruptly ended with him jumping down and walking out of the room, knocking the little vintage Christmas tree over in the process.





I picked my favourite shot and made some simple Christmas cards. I just took a USB card with the image I wanted and popped over to Queen West Camera to make some prints. They have do-it-yourself machines that are great. I was out of there with my ten prints in under ten minutes. In previous years I made the cards by getting colour photocopies made at The UPS Store, and then cutting them all out by hand. Even with two to a sheet of paper, getting the prints made was less expensive and the images look much better.

The photos were slightly wider than the card bases I had, so I quickly trimmed them with an Xacto knife. Then I stuck the photos to the cards with two-sided tape.



If you’d like to see Eddie’s previous Christmas portraits, here is 2014, here is 2013, here is 2012 and here is 2011.

Thanks for taking a look. I hope you have an excellent weekend!
xo loulou