Cat’s Christmas Portrait 2014 and This Year’s Christmas Card DIY


If this cat of ours was to be dressed up in anything resembling a costume he would gladly wear clothes all the time. He really seems comfortable and happy whenever I put anything on him. Well, that is anything except for a normal cat collar. No, he'll have none of that, and we have the memory of many the lost collar to prove it.

For this year's Christmas portrait, I quickly made him a snappy bow tie from a short piece of ribbon with hearts on it (that I had been saving for years, just waiting to find a purrfect use for it).

Eddie was already relaxing on the white duvet cover, so I tied the bow on with a length of ribbon and set a string of twinkly lights around him. Then all I had to do was snap away, for cat knew exactly what was expected of him. He sure knows how to turn on the cute when he needs to.






I tried some with and some without the lights ...





The whole session was done within 5 minutes, after which treats were offered as a licensing fee for the right to use his dashing image.

The most difficult part of the whole exercise was selecting which image to use on some Christmas cards. The up-side-down winky eye one got the nod.




I used the previously explained tutorial (here) to make the cards, except this year, rather than printing the images on our crappy home printer, we saved the digital file of the image on a USB key and brought it over to our local printing shop and had them make colour copies.

If you'd like to see Eddie's Portraits from previous Christmases, here are the links : 2013, 2012, 2011.

Thanks for dropping over and Happy Monday to you,
xo loulou
(and Eddie too)
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7 Responses to Cat’s Christmas Portrait 2014 and This Year’s Christmas Card DIY

  1. Lisa says:

    OMG Eddie is soooo cute! He wears that bow tie so well :) Love it!

  2. Julie says:

    I so want a card! Eddie looks so dashing, I love that he lets you put a bow tie on him. emailing you now….

  3. Gaia says:

    Eddie is delightful !! I would not mind having a card.

  4. Vix says:

    Eddie is adorable, he looks so cute in his bow tie! I’d love a copy but I think we’ve missed the last posting date for Xmas. Can I be first on the list for Xmas 2015? xxx

  5. hena tayeb says:

    adorable.. he is a natural

  6. Hollie says:

    Aw, what pretty photos!

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