An Interesting Part of Toronto – Liberty Village

some-old-buildings-in-liberty village

I mentioned back in March that Nick and I took a walk out to a part of Toronto called Liberty Village. Located to the west of the city core, this area is interesting because it is currently going through a massive transformation. For decades, it was deemed to be a ‘brown area’, because it was all closed down with minimal supply of electricity (hence its brown-ness.) But in the past few years, it has been developed in a major way. We have seen a huge number of condominium towers sprouting up as though they are concrete plants in a giant’s garden.

And the building continues today. (I personally think it is too much housing built too close together. Most of the towers are not occupied yet, but I can only imagine the crowds that will be milling about on these tight streets. But who am I to say, with my claustrophobic tendencies in crowded places!)






The most interesting part of Liberty Village, is that these new towers are being erected right alongside the original structures that were built there, way back when Toronto was transforming from a forest to a city.

I particularly like the former chapel of the prison, built in 1877, pictured below. The entire prison, which serviced all of the surrounding area at the time, used to cover much of the eastern and northern part of Liberty Village (going up to Strachan and King Street West, for anyone looking for specifics. The Palace Arms Hotel, which I posted about this, was located across the street from the prison gates, or so I understand.)


While we’re looking at this part of town, I’ll show you these next shots, taken NE of Liberty Village and passed on the way. The city is building a new train station for the commuter trains that take workers to and from the suburbs.

(Liberty Village is on the left (south) side of the tracks.)





And you might recognize the view in the next shot. I’ll give you a hint … look at the header of my site. I thought I’d take the shot again and freshen things up around here, but then ended up preferring the old photo because it was taken near dusk and is much more colourful as a result.



Thank you very much from taking a look. I hope you’re having a great Wednesday.
xo loulou