Out for Brunch and What I Wore

silk shirt with tuxedo deta

On Sunday of the Canadian Thanksgiving week-end we had brunch out with our friend G, someone we have shared a meal with around Thanksgiving with for a few years now. As he put it, it has become a tradition for us to get together at this time of the year. Here's to making new traditions with friends!

He likes to research restaurants and really wanted to try the place called "Beast". You might recall that Nick and I had dinner there a little while ago (discussed here), after realizing that even with such a name, there was plenty on the menu if you didn't feel like eating meat. In fact, we have been there another time too, as this is where we went with Nick's uncle when he was visiting from Newcastle in August.

They had a great brunch menu, served in a room with a very cool vibe, and we all enjoyed ourselves. (I had the Eggs Benedict, made with smoked fish ... delicious. There were two kinds of house-made hot sauces too!)

brunch at beast

Weather wise, our long week-end was really quite gorgeous. Still warm enough to get one more wear from a summery top and to go without socks! I paired a silk shirt with some new jeans. I actually got these during the summer, where just the thought of wearing denim pants made me feel hot. But at the time I really wanted some denim cut-off shorts, so picked these up thinking I might cut them, but later decided I would wait until after I'd worn them a few times first. Cropped pants are not something I've worn much of, so it's nice to get away from the usual.

And while I love the shirt with its ruffled tuxedo style and shirred waistband, it is prone to wrinkling. This was made abundantly clear to me when I looked at these pictures after the fact! (Somebody needs a better full-length mirror.)

The vintage mohair wrap I threw over my shoulders is a real favourite. It is one of two, the other being turquoise, that Nick's mother sent me one year for Christmas; they came from her own wardrobe, making them all the more special. This lovely gift spurned a love of mohair wraps and I have since bought a couple more from ebay, one royal blue (seen here) and one a deep pink.

jeans and silk shirt outfit

mohair shawl silk shirt 2

shoes purse shawl

shoes detail

purse and mohair shawl

Thanks very much for checking out my outfit post. Hope your Wednesday is going well so far!

Details: Top - I don't remember the brand but do recall getting it on the end-of-season sale rack at Winners around 5 years ago. Jeans - Tommy Hilfiger. Shoes - Canadiana Freedom. Silk scarf worn as a belt - Anne Klein. Wrap/Shawl - Vintage Mohair, made in Scotland. Bracelet - Vintage Lucite. Earrings - Onyx drops that I've had for years. Bag - Coach, new to me from ebay.

mohair shawl silk shirt

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7 Responses to Out for Brunch and What I Wore

  1. love the black and your shiny hair! sooo beautiful loulou! xO!

  2. Laura says:

    You are so pretty :) Especially in that photo with the mohair wrap!! Aren’t you just loving all of this fall outside!? And I think we are completely over with the days of t-shirts :( Savour these last moments!

    • Loulou says:

      Thanks you Laura! Yes, I think that was the last day of going out in short sleeves. Oh well, we can’t avoid it so might as well enjoy our cozy sweaters.

  3. Vix says:

    You are such a beauty! that summery top is lovely! x

  4. shakti says:

    You wear black in the most cheerful way. I love it.
    Did you do something different with your hair? It looks very soft and touchable, if I might be so bold ;)

  5. Shoko says:

    that looks yum! and you look adorable!

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