A Summer Long-Weekend with a Friend


Canada Day was last Wednesday which meant a holiday in the middle of the week. Here is how I celebrated the 148th Anniversary of our country, in the fine company of my friend Andrea. We took Tuesday afternoon off so got started with the celebrating early.

The forecast called for rain on and off throughout both Tuesday and Wednesday, so we put aside plans for a barbecue or picnic. We decided to go to a matinee movie on Tuesday, meeting at the theatre at Richmond and John Street for the 3:00 showing of “Jurassic World” in 3D. We both loved it!


The weather had cleared beautifully by the time we left the movie, so we walked over to The Keg on King Street West for dinner. Nick was busy with work deadlines, but was able to join us for dinner.

I wrote about this restaurant here, after I first went for a friend’s birthday in April. That time, it was the 5th place we tried to get into on a very busy Thursday evening. Then, even though it wasn’t our first choice, we ended up being quite happy that we ended up there. So this time we made it our first choice and headed straight over. Since it was still early for the dinner crowd, we were able to get a great seat on their patio.

Andrea and I had a cocktail as we waited for Nick to join us. I had a Raspberry Cosmopolitan martini and she went for a Bourbin Cherry Smash.



[Aside: My necklace was crocheted by my friend Anna, who recently visited us from the United States. I wrote about their visit here. She and I share a love of crocheting. I love the necklace she made for me. It’s so light and comfortable to wear. The flowers are crocheted around buttons. I promise to get a better picture of it, and get the pattern link for fellow crocheters out there. I want to make one or two of them myself.]


To eat, we selected an assortment of appetizers.


And dessert!




After dinner we walked Andrea to her streetcar stop and then went home.

The next morning we took it easy in the morning and then Andrea and I went to High Park in the afternoon. I wrote about this park in the spring, when I went there to check out the cherry blossoms in bloom, here.

The grey skies cleared up just in time for our visit.





We came upon a lady with a pet rabbit.


We were told her name was Jackie and welcomed to pet her.





I am really happy that I got this shot of a chipmunk. They were running around all over the park and I ended up getting about a hundred blurred photographs of them and this single one in focus.



After a good walk around we went over to Andrea’s place.

This is her cat Gus.


And this is a drawing of Gus by her friend Rian.


We ordered some Indian food, had some beer, and watched a movie. Since we were in the dinosaur mindset, we watched Jurassic Park II.


It was so comfortable and relaxing there on Andrea’s couch, but alas, time to go eventually came.

All in all, it was a very good time.

Thanks for checking out my post. I hope you too had a good holiday, be it for Canada Day or July 4th.
xo loulou