Quick and Easy Handmade Greeting Cards


Hello to you on this holiday Monday. Hope you are having a great time. I am still hobbling around, confined to home and garden (due to this), but I feel fine and all is well here.

So it is Labour Day weekend and the blogosphere is resplendent with talk of autumn and all its glory. Even though here in Toronto where summer weather consistently comes to us later than most places but usually lasts well through September so we can expect some lovely warm weather still to come, I thought it best to post these handmade greeting cards with their definitive summer look, now before they look way out of date.

Of course, this technique can be used with any sticker and colour combination, so they can be made to suit any season or occasion.


They are simple to make and only take about 5 minutes each, but the effort of crafting them yourself goes a long way in sending a message of love to those who receive them.

All you need are a few supplies : some purchased card bases that come with envelopes (I got my box of 50 assorted patterns at Indigo Books but these are available in any craft supply shop and online. My exact set, used to make these cards, is this one, but there are all kinds available wherever they sell scrap-booking / card-making supplies), some scissors with a zig-zag edge (also available at craft supply shops … check the children’s section), some thick coloured paper, some two-sided tape, and some nice stickers (check a stationery shop or dollar store for those).




How to make one :

- First cut out a rectangle with from a piece of coloured paper, using the zig-zag scissors.
- Cut out a second rectangle, slightly larger than the first, from a second colour of paper.
- Stick the two together with two-sided tape, and add your sticker.
- Stick that to the front of the card with two sided tape, about one third of the way up from the bottom.
- Sign the inside, put it in the envelope, address it, stick a stamp on it.
- Drop it in the mailbox.




Thank you for dropping by,
xo loulou

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It’s a Zoo Out There : A Photo Scavenger Hunt

Here’s one of my collections that doesn’t take up any room or need to be dusted! It’s a set of pictures of Zoo Animals spotted around town, which I hope you enjoy.

We’ll begin with the Elephants :


^ Outside Clinton’s Bar ^


^ In Trinity Bellwoods Park ^


^ On Adelaide Street ^

Next let’s take a look at the Bears :


^ Portland Street and Rush Lane ^


^ Queen Street West ^


^ Also on Queen Street West ^

Not too many Monkeys to be found, but I spotted one :


^ Trinity Bellwoods Park ^

Here are a couple of Lions, and some other kind of cat too :


^ Mural in Kensington Market ^


^ Someone’s Garden Decor ^


^ Chalk on a Sidewalk ^

This particular zoo has a aquatic section :


^ A Whale Weather Vane ^


^ A restaurant sign on Queen Street West, that is no longer there ^

Thanks for taking a look,
xo loulou

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