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    Recent Card Making : Paper and Stickers
    Making Greeting Cards with Photos and Some Pictures of Our Flowers

    A Spring Garden with a Frosty Twist

    a robin in the snow toronto birds 1024x768

    Hello. Happy Earth Day! In honour of the day I'm sharing some photos of our spring garden.

    These shots were taken yesterday, April 21st. While we've certainly had snow on the flowers before, I can't recall ever seeing a snowfall as abundant as this one, this far into the year. When we were warned about it in the weather forecast the day before, we couldn’t imagine that it would happen to the degree they said it would. Then, we awoke the next morning to so much snow!

    A New Crocheted Wreath and an Easter Decorating Video

    how to crochet a wreath four colours spring easter version tutorial free pattern 1024x769

    Hello hello! I won't pretend that times aren't dire, but I'll try to cheer you with my home's attire. Groan? Ok, moving along.

    Here's a new seasonal wreath I crocheted, following this tutorial.

    St. Patrick’s Day Decorating : Assembling a Tiered Tray

    st patricks day decor tiered tray vintage glass vases plants and tulips 1024x768

    Hello! I hope you're doing ok. (Well, I hope you're doing better than ok, but during these difficult times, ok is perfectly ok!)

    Last autumn my friend Leslie offered me a two tiered dessert tray that she wasn't using anymore. I took her up on it, specifically to try decorating it, something I'd seen done on YouTube.

    So, here's my first try at “Tiered Tray Decorating” -- a little something for St. Patrick's Day. I used things that I had around the house, including an old postcard that I got from Ebay last year.

    I recorded a "Decorate With Me" video, if you'd like to see how it came together.


    Decorating with Collections : Winter

    decorating for winter with thrifted vintage pieces ceramic owl figurine 1024x768

    Hello! I hope you're doing well.

    Here's a look at some collections that suit a winter theme, that I currently have on display. With less to do than usual these days, I've spent some time digging around in cupboards and boxes, sorting things that "belong" together.

    Most items are vintage, many having been found at the thrift store. There are some handmade pieces and things I've received as gifts, too. Also, I've saved a number of Christmas cards with snowy images, over the years, which I've used to enhance the winter mood.

    As always, here are some photographs, but I also made a short video which shows more detail and gives a better look at everything :


    How to Crochet a Star

    how to crochet a star 1024x768

    Hello! Here's one for those who enjoy crocheting. It's a demonstration of how to make a star. It's a short pattern, involving only two rows of stitches.

    Depending on the thickness of yarn used, the stars may be small and delicate or chunkier and the size of your palm.

    I'll be back with another post showing how I used these crocheted stars in our winter décor. Update : See that here.

    Note: I'm left handed. The instructions are the same if you're right handed, except done in the opposite direction.

    Crocheters who prefer a video tutorial or require a clearer picture of what I'm trying to say here, can find a quick video here :


    How to Crochet a Star :

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