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    Holiday! Sauble Beach : Part 1
    A Visit to the Enchanting Allan Gardens Toronto
    For the Crocheters and Admirers of Colour : A Petite Flower Garland

    Handmade Holiday : Three Things to Make for St. Patrick’s Day Décor

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    Hi. The maker-of-things in me has been dialed up lately and I can’t seem to sit still and watch a movie or listen to a book without a sewing needle or crochet hook in hand. So, here is a multi diy tutorial post, demonstrating three things you might like to make, to decorate for St. Patrick's Day coming up next week. Well, one is St. Patrick's specific and the other two can be made to suit any time of year.

    If you, too, are itching to create, perhaps you'd like to have a go at these.

    Secondhand Valentine’s Décor – Thrift Store and Ebay Finds

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    Hello! And, if you celebrate it, Happy Valentine's to you.

    We're on the "we like it" side of the Valentine Day fence, so our place is decorated and the table is laid with the heart print cloth.

    This year's décor includes these recent thrift store and ebay finds. I've posted a short video on YouTube, in which everything is shown close up and described, if you'd like to take a look. (Thank you, if you do!)


    Everything in these first photos, except the red table runner and the flowers, is secondhand/new-to-me. The black and red heart-shaped sachet pillow is something I made recently, and posted a free pattern for here, so any crocheters out there can make one, too.

    Crocheted Heart Shaped Sachet : Renewable with Essential Oils

    how to crochet a heart sachet use own essential oils everlasting renewable free pattern 1024x768

    Hello! In honour of Valentine's Day coming up, here's a pattern for a crocheted heart-shaped sachet, that you custom scent with whatever blend of essential oils you like. Unlike traditional sachets, where the scent fades after a while, with these you just add more, so it will always smell nice. And, you can change the scent every time you replenish, if you want.

    I call these "Everlasting Sachets" and have been making them for a while, but in a square shape instead of a heart, (examples shown here and here). I love aromatherapy and these work really well for that so I just keep on making them!

    Now that I have several of them, I've tossed one into my empty suitcases and another into a tub of stored off-season clothing. But, of course, you can have one in every dresser drawer if you’d like! Back before Covid, when we were regularly having company over, I used to hang one in the guest washroom. They're also good to bring on holiday because you never know when you'll need a little dose of something that smells divine.

    The idea is that you make a cover that goes over a 100% cotton cushion. Then you add your essential oils to the cushion and put the cover back on. The reason it has to be pure cotton, including the stuffing inside, is because cotton is very absorbent and will take and hold the scent well.

    Thrift Store Finds and Displays : Winter

    thrift store finds toronto winter flannel sheet cable knit cobalt glass crystal stainless 1024x1024

    Cold enough for you?

    definition: a greeting inquiry made during very cold weather. A humorous question one asks another when it is obviously quite cold. How are you enjoying this winter? Cold enough for you?


    Hello! I thought you might enjoy this excerpt I found when searching the phrase "cold enough for you?". This is something we commonly say in this part of Canada, when it's so darn cold you can barely stand it, but I was curious to know if this was a joke-question used by others around the world, as well, or if it was just a local thing. Since I found the definition online, it seems we are not alone.

    Here in Toronto, we are closing out the coldest January we've had in 20 years. So, I sorted through the items I've found at the thrift store over the past while, that I have yet to share with you, and picked out the things that suit a winter theme.

    Everything was discussed, including what I paid for each piece, in this Youtube video. Then, at the end, I've included a segment showing you around some areas of our home, with the items used within our cozy winter décor. I set the table using a collection of vintage Corelle dishes (and then forgot to take a still photograph of it!). Have a look, if you will.


    Prefer to see still images? Here are some …

    New Year’s Eve During the Pandemic

    toronto at night pandemic new years eve fireworks 1024x768

    Hello and Happy New Year.

    I've had conversations with some old friends over the past few days, reminiscing about dancing, with our arms flung high, in crowded spaces on New Year's Eve, shouting out "Happy New Year" as balloons and confetti fell from the ceiling at the strike of midnight. And then going around the room hugging and kissing people, some that we knew and some that we didn't. To quote one friend, "I am aching to be in a mosh pit or at an epic rave". (We'd specifically been reminiscing about this fun evening spent at the Gladstone Hotel, a few New Year's Eves ago)

    But, of course, the world is now in the midst of this pandemic which has robbed us all of the option of such carefree joy in welcoming a new year -- for future readers, this was the second New Year's Eve spent in Covid's tenacious grip, with numbers higher than we've seen so far. So, everything was shut down this year, and celebrations were limited to very small groups of family and friends. Toronto's decades-long tradition of a big outdoor celebration in the square in front of City Hall was cancelled for the second year. They did, however, still put on a firework display which began at twelve o’clock, launched from a boat out in the harbour. Most enjoyed the show televised or online from their living room, but some, including myself, who lived close enough, went for a masked and socially distanced walk to the waterfront to see them in person.

    I wish I could say that the fireworks looked gorgeous, but, thanks to the low hanging clouds they weren't all that visible. Regardless, they did still happen, and based on the reactions I observed, were appreciated by many this New Year's Eve which lead the way to 2022.

    To look on the bright side, the weather was dry and mild, so it made for a very nice walk and the city looked beautiful. Here are some photos taken during my late night adventure ...

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