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    Week 1 : The “One Thing a Week” Creative Challenge

    new years brunch table

    Hello! Ok, here I am going out on a limb that may very well crack and break beneath me, but I'm going to give a weekly personal challenge a go for 2023.

    I'm keeping it doable by asking myself to achieve only one success per week from the ongoing wish-list of things I want to do this year, and I'm going to publicly keep myself accountable by telling you about it here every Sunday.

    Maybe there's some form of creative expression you'd like to challenge yourself to do at least once a week, so, please join me, if you'd like. If there are others who would like to publicly join, I'll find a way to link what you've achieved, so please email me at the address in the footer. Or, join on your own and keep it to yourself, with my weekly post to remind you.

    Of course, everyone's list will be different but here's mine ...

    I plan to do at least ONE of the following every week :

    • Handcraft one item, or if it's an easy thing, make several, or if it's something that takes more time to make, share it when it's finished.
    • Create one blog post on this site (not including the Weekly Challenge update), or
    • Post one video to YouTube, or
    • Post one YouTube Short video (I haven't done one of those yet, but plan to start), or
    • Post 2 images to Instagram (photos are quicker to do so I'm aiming for 2 of them).

    Here’s my achievement for Week 1

    It involved creating an Instagram Account since I am very late to that party and, although I've admired many Instagram photos in the past, I have never joined in myself so I opened an account. It is called "LoulouVintageHome" and will focus on my love of vintage home décor.

    And, to meet the challenge goals, I posted two images to it.

    This is not a plug to get you to follow my new account, but it would be silly and strange for me not to tell you where it is (Thank you if you do follow me there, though!) :

    Loulou Vintage Home on Instagram

    In case you don't use Instagram, the photos on this post are the ones I posted there. (Note: they may be a bit blurry here because Instagram is made to be viewed on a phone.)

    Wishing You a Happy New Year with a Vintage Vignette

    happy new year vignette with mostly vintage items antique postcards 1024x768

    Hello! Happy New Year. Here's hoping that 2023 turns out to be a good year for you.

    I put together a vignette of mostly vintage and/or thrifted items to celebrate the holiday. I say "mostly" because there's one brand new piece in there -- the sparkly tiara that I found at Dollarama last week. Oh, and the bottle of champagne is no longer in place, as we raised a toast with it last night.

    There's a short time-lapse-ish video showing how this came together, piece by piece, if you'd like to see that.


    Santa is in the Kitchen : A Decorated Tiered Tray and a Recipe for Christmas Plum Pudding

    tiered tray santas kitchen vintage christmas 1024x768

    Hello! I hope you're enjoying the holiday season. In our home, the first thing that happens to mark this time of year is that Nick makes Christmas Pudding (also known as "Plum Pudding"), following a recipe that's been in his family for over a hundred years.

    I have a fond memory associated with this particular dessert. He and I met 24 years ago in November and, as she did every year back then, his mother had sent him one of these puddings in the mail. He brought it over to my apartment one dark winter evening (that was the year that it snowed so much that the army was called into Toronto to help clear the roads), including the ingredients to make the Brandy Butter that you have with it. You douse it in brandy just before serving and I remember, without knowing why, I was asked to turn off all the lights as he dramatically lit the pudding on fire. It was very memorable and special.

    Thrift Store Finds : Vintage Christmas

    vintage christmas thrift store finds

    Hello and Happy December!

    While I didn't find a lot of Vintage Christmas items at the thrift store over the past year, I love what I got. Being especially fond of old ceramic pieces, I was excited to luck out on a few of those. I also picked up some great things that aren't specifically for Christmas but that will be great to use in the seasonal displays.

    And, as is my new way, I made a video "show and tell" describing the loot. I hope you'll watch it, and, if you haven't already, I hope you'll subscribe to my Youtube channel. (Thank you, if you do!)


    I haven't photographed everything, but I will be sure to post pictures of each item here, once they're immersed within our Christmas décor.

    Halloween Decorating : Two Spaces, Two Themes

    vintage black cats decorating for halloween 1024x768

    Hello! Happy Halloween Weekend. Hope you're having fun with it.

    Here are a couple of different spaces I decorated for the holiday this year. One is done in the "Dark Academia Spooky Gothic Style" and the other features one of my favourite topics -- cats! In this case, it's all the black cats.

    The videos each begin with a good look at the decorated spaces and then move to a Part 2, where I talk about some of the items used and where they came from. I hope you'll watch them!

    First, the Dark Academia area, which included the top of a cabinet and a small table beside it.


    And some still shots of the displays ...