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    Thrift Store Finds and a Visit With a Friend

    thrift store finds vintage stationery

    Hi! We took a daytime drive to the countryside last week, stopping in Orangeville where I went to The Salvation Army Thrift Store and found a few treasures.

    Also, I recently picked up a grab bag chock full of stationery at the Toronto Value Village recently. All I could see was what was on the top of the stack and a bunch of vintage looking envelopes, but, aside from that, I had no idea what the bag contained. For fun, I saved it to open in a video, so viewers saw what was inside at the same time that I did.

    The main reason we went north was to go to some farm stands and pick up freshly picked produce for my mister, Nick, to can and to freeze. We now have a bunch of tidy jars of tomatoes on a shelf and some corn niblets in the freezer.

    On the way up and then back down again, we passed through the charming town of Orangeville. We used to have family living there, so had been quite a few times before, but they've moved away now, so we were on our own. One of those relatives showed me The Salvation Army Thrift Store a few years ago, where I found one of my favourite thrifting finds ever (the acorn shaped cookie jar in this post), so I was excited to go again.

    I found four nice items, that are discussed in this short Youtube video, where you'll also see me opening the mystery bag of vintage stationery. I hope you'll watch it!


    What I Did When the Internet Broke

    embroidering out doors 1024x768

    Last Friday afternoon our internet went down, resulting in way too much time spent on the phone and text-chatting with at least, not kidding, eight different tech people, reexplaining the issue every time. It was all fixed and running smoothly by Tuesday, but that left a few days without Netflix, xbox, Spotify, e-books, and all the other things we've become accustomed to spending our spare time doing online.

    So, it was a perfect time to crack open the embroidery kits created by Knitted Bliss Stitching. I got into completing the charming "In My New Spring Sweater" one, featuring an adorable rabbit wearing a sweater, surrounded by a wreath of various florals and leaves.

    You might know (because I've mentioned her plenty on these pages) that the talented textile artist and founder of Knitted Bliss is my friend Julie. I'll go ahead and brag on her behalf because I think she’s pretty great! She’s been at the forefront of Canada's knitting community for years and now she’s making these cool embroidery kits. You might be thinking, knitting and embroidery are quite different things. They are, but being a life-long doer of both, Julie has succeeded in merging the two -- her embroidery kits each involve an image of something knitted, such as my rabbit's new spring sweater, for example. She also offers patterns and instructions for knitters to embellish their work with embroidered motifs.

    Coffee Shop Lady Date : Cafe 23 on Queen Street West

    decor 1024x768

    Hello! I hope you're having a good summer so far. (I won't ignore the fact that there has been a lack of posting on these pages over the past several months but I’ve experienced a major life event that made updates difficult. However, all is fine now.)

    No question these Covid years have been terrible for everyone, but I've had one really lovely thing come about because of the pandemic. That is, right from the very beginning of lockdown, my friend Julie and I have had a scheduled weekly phone call every Thursday morning. This has now amounted to hours and hours of talking when, prior to the beginning of this routine, we'd probably spoken on the phone for about 10 minutes in total. During all those conversations I've discovered all kinds of interesting things about her life before we met in a line up nearly 10 years ago, plus we've had lots of laughs (she's a very funny story teller). This has very much brightened my life up, for sure.

    While these phone call dates have been great, it sure was a pleasure to switch it up and see her in person this week, when we went to a very nice coffee shop in my neighbourhood, Cafe 23 at 728 Queen Street West in Toronto (on the north side between Bathurst and Trinity Bellwoods Park).

    Here are some pictures of this inviting place ...

    Handmade Holiday : Three Things to Make for St. Patrick’s Day Décor

    st patricks day display vintage thrifted handmade 1024x768

    Hi. The maker-of-things in me has been dialed up lately and I can’t seem to sit still and watch a movie or listen to a book without a sewing needle or crochet hook in hand. So, here is a multi diy tutorial post, demonstrating three things you might like to make, to decorate for St. Patrick's Day coming up next week. Well, one is St. Patrick's specific and the other two can be made to suit any time of year.

    If you, too, are itching to create, perhaps you'd like to have a go at these.

    Secondhand Valentine’s Décor – Thrift Store and Ebay Finds

    secondhand finds for valentines thrift store ebay handmade 1024x1024

    Hello! And, if you celebrate it, Happy Valentine's to you.

    We're on the "we like it" side of the Valentine Day fence, so our place is decorated and the table is laid with the heart print cloth.

    This year's décor includes these recent thrift store and ebay finds. I've posted a short video on YouTube, in which everything is shown close up and described, if you'd like to take a look. (Thank you, if you do!)


    Everything in these first photos, except the red table runner and the flowers, is secondhand/new-to-me. The black and red heart-shaped sachet pillow is something I made recently, and posted a free pattern for here, so any crocheters out there can make one, too.