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A Very Special Birthday Party

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Greetings, friends! I hope you're doing well, all things considered.

One thing I've always enjoyed writing about on these pages is parties, including ideas for how to decorate for all kinds of celebratory occasions, and recipes for food and drinks fit for a crowd. But, of course, given the social distancing that's been required these past months, I haven't had much to contribute on this subject lately.

So, with permission, today I bring you a birthday party planned by someone else -- my cousin Lisa and her darling daughter Delilah.

I'll let the pictures do the talking as far as decor and menu suggestions go, as we take a look at Snowball the Guinea Pig's First Birthday Party.

Happy Birthday, Snowball!

The Mulberry Tree That Wouldn’t Give Up : A Story, a Cake and a Cocktail Recipe (with a YouTube Video)

mulberry growing in toronto canada


Around eight years ago, a weed spontaneously sprouted in a little patch of earth right beside the walkway to our front door. It grew quickly and, because the branches blocked the path, I regularly and ruthlessly cut them right back. But, in spite of being so haphazardly butchered, it kept on growing.

We had no idea what it was, nor did anyone I asked about it, including some pretty seasoned gardeners. I looked it up but had very little to go on, so it remained a mystery.

You can either read on here, or hear all about it on the YouTube video I made on the topic. Or both! (I've just begun making videos, so I'd love it if you'd go over and have a look, and subscribe to my channel, if you're so inclined. It you click the bell icon, you'll be notified whenever I post a new one. Thank you very much in advance, if you do!)

Canada Day Decorating 2020 : Thrifted Finds, Handmade and a YouTube Video!

thrift store and ebay finds for canada day decorating

Hello, hello! I hope you're doing ok.

Back before we knew the virus was on its way to change our lives forever, I'd picked up a few things at the thrift stores, that I could use for an outdoorsy woodland decorating them for a Canada Day get together with friends on our deck.

Then, once we were in lock-down, still believing that things would be back to normal by July 1st, I poked around on ebay and found a couple of other items that would suit the theme.

And, here we are, still social distancing and mask wearing, and the notion of crowding together for a celebration is a no-go. But I still had the stuff, along with a burning desire to see what it would look like, all set out. Which leads us here, all dressed up with nowhere to go, so to speak!

This time, in addition to photos and descriptions of my thrifted and ebay finds, and how they look being used in our decor, I made a YouTube video on the topic, as well.

After blogging here for nearly nine years (1,304 posts, to be exact!) I felt an urge to branch out and learn how to make videos.

With the understanding that I'm brand spanking new at this, please go on over to have a look! I plan to make more films about the same types of things I've written about here, so consider subscribing and clicking the bell to be notified when I have a new video up. Thank you, if you do!

A Handmade Gift for an Excellent Person : Beaded Pendants

d with red pendant

It brings me such pleasure to look at the series of annual photographs of my cousin Lisa's sweet daughter Delilah, which show her enjoying the handmade gift I sent for Christmas. They live a plane-ride away so I've not been able to see her grow up in person, but the pictures, taken around the same time every year, have given me a wonderful glimpse at how she's changed over time.

We began doing this when she was two and now she's eight, making this the seventh time I've had photos of Delilah to share with you.

This past Christmas, I sent her three beaded pendants and a chain to wear them on. At the end of the post, I'll demonstrate how they were made, but first, let's look at them being modeled by this darling person (and her beautiful Guinea Pigs).

Decorating for Spring and Easter 2020 : Vintage, Second-Hand and Thrift Store Finds

vintage die cut displayed in frame easter bunny with basket of eggs

Hello and Happy Easter if you celebrate! Of course, it's kind of hard to be in a celebratory mood when you're stuck inside, but I hope you had a good day anyway. (For future reference, this was during the Coronavirus quarantine period). Nick ordered me a lovely assortment of treats from Soma Chocolatemaker, which was left on our doorstep by a mysterious masked man, and we had a nice dinner, but we certainly missed sharing the day with family and friends.

Speaking of being stuck inside, I went ahead and tried to make our place more fun to look at all day long, by putting out some seasonal decorations, including everything I wrote about in the previous post, about the spring and Easter things I'd found at the thrift store during the past year.

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