St. Patrick’s Day Decorating : Assembling a Tiered Tray

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Hello! I hope you're doing ok. (Well, I hope you're doing better than ok, but during these difficult times, ok is perfectly ok!)

Last autumn my friend Leslie offered me a two tiered dessert tray that she wasn't using anymore. I took her up on it, specifically to try decorating it, something I'd seen done on YouTube.

So, here's my first try at “Tiered Tray Decorating” -- a little something for St. Patrick's Day. I used things that I had around the house, including an old postcard that I got from Ebay last year.

I recorded a "Decorate With Me" video, if you'd like to see how it came together.

Decorating with Collections : Winter

decorating for winter with thrifted vintage pieces ceramic owl figurine 1024x768

Hello! I hope you're doing well.

Here's a look at some collections that suit a winter theme, that I currently have on display. With less to do than usual these days, I've spent some time digging around in cupboards and boxes, sorting things that "belong" together.

Most items are vintage, many having been found at the thrift store. There are some handmade pieces and things I've received as gifts, too. Also, I've saved a number of Christmas cards with snowy images, over the years, which I've used to enhance the winter mood.

As always, here are some photographs, but I also made a short video which shows more detail and gives a better look at everything :

How to Crochet a Star

how to crochet a star 1024x768

Hello! Here's one for those who enjoy crocheting. It's a demonstration of how to make a star. It's a short pattern, involving only two rows of stitches.

Depending on the thickness of yarn used, the stars may be small and delicate or chunkier and the size of your palm.

I'll be back with another post showing how I used these crocheted stars in our winter décor. Update : See that here.

Note: I'm left handed. The instructions are the same if you're right handed, except done in the opposite direction.

Crocheters who prefer a video tutorial or require a clearer picture of what I'm trying to say here, can find a quick video here :

How to Crochet a Star :

How to Make a Chocolate Martini : Four Ways

how to make a chocolate martini four ways plain orange mint or cinnamon 1024x768

Hello! With Valentine's Day this week and Easter just around the corner, it appears that chocolate season is upon us. These Chocolate Martinis, with four different flavour options, would make the perfect cocktail to celebrate those holidays, but would also be enjoyable any time of the year.

They're made with Vodka and Creme de Cacao liqueur, and either left plain chocolate or made a little fancier with the addition of Cointreau (which is orange flavoured, pictured), Goldschlager (which is Cinnamon flavoured) or Creme de Menthe (for a mint flavour).

Since Vodka is the main ingredient, complimented with lesser amounts of sweet liqueurs, these are slightly sweet, but not too sugary. If need be, the sweetness can be dialed up or down by the amount of liqueur used.

The mint version was suggested by my friend Julie, after I told her about these delicious drinks. I haven't had a chance to try that variation yet, but can attest to the goodness of the orange, cinnamon and plain versions. I plan to make the mint one, though, so will update this post once I have.

Vintage Christmas – Displaying Some Collections

vintage ceramic snowman bell and other christmas decor 1024x768

Hello and Happy Holidays! Hope you're well and will have some fun today. With our city in lockdown, Nick and I will be alone this year, but, while we miss seeing our friends and family and doing the usual festive things, we're ok.

We have a white Christmas here in Toronto, as it snowed last night. It was perfect timing as it was the first we've really had this year so far. I can hear Nick outside shoveling as I type this!

We'll be making a nice dinner of Coq au Vin and we have some delicious chocolate caramel Yule log cake from Dufflet's leftover from Nick's birthday earlier this week.

I was back and forth on whether to decorate for Christmas this year, as nobody would be coming over to see it, but, in the end, I couldn't resist pulling out my tubs of vintage decor, to have a look at my treasures. Then I began sorting things into categories which resulted in a few vignettes around the place.

I made a video, which shows them off better than these photos do and includes more, so, please have a look.

If you like watching videos and would like to subscribe to my fledgling Youtube channel, click this link to get there (or, if you prefer, open Youtube and search for Loulou Downtown.) Over there you can also give the video a thumbs up and comment, if you'd like. Thank you very much if you do!

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