Vegetarian Party Food : Three Quick Crostini Toppings

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    For the Crocheters and Admirers of Colour : A Petite Flower Garland
    Our Easter Sweets : Dark Chocolate Coconut Macaroons

    Thrift Store Finds : Vintage Christmas

    vintage christmas thrift store finds

    Hello and Happy December!

    While I didn't find a lot of Vintage Christmas items at the thrift store over the past year, I love what I got. Being especially fond of old ceramic pieces, I was excited to luck out on a few of those. I also picked up some great things that aren't specifically for Christmas but that will be great to use in the seasonal displays.

    And, as is my new way, I made a video "show and tell" describing the loot. I hope you'll watch it, and, if you haven't already, I hope you'll subscribe to my Youtube channel. (Thank you, if you do!)


    I haven't photographed everything, but I will be sure to post pictures of each item here, once they're immersed within our Christmas décor.

    Halloween Decorating : Two Spaces, Two Themes

    vintage black cats decorating for halloween 1024x768

    Hello! Happy Halloween Weekend. Hope you're having fun with it.

    Here are a couple of different spaces I decorated for the holiday this year. One is done in the "Dark Academia Spooky Gothic Style" and the other features one of my favourite topics -- cats! In this case, it's all the black cats.

    The videos each begin with a good look at the decorated spaces and then move to a Part 2, where I talk about some of the items used and where they came from. I hope you'll watch them!

    First, the Dark Academia area, which included the top of a cabinet and a small table beside it.


    And some still shots of the displays ...

    The 70s Called and They Want Their Décor Back : Thanksgiving Display

    thanksgiving vignette vintage thrifted handmade items clapsaddle postcard 1024x768

    Hello! It's Thanksgiving here in Canada this weekend, so I put together a little display to represent an abundant harvest, using vintage, thrifted, handmade and new items.

    In the video, I show you what I used and where things came from, and then I filmed as I placed all the items, to create the vignette. It wasn't intentional, but it kind of looks like decorating from the 70s. For some reason, my autumn decor often looks like something that was pulled together during that era, but I don't mind! I think it's the colour palette that gives it that look because only one, maybe two, pieces actually came from the 70s.


    Dinner on the Patio with Friends : Vintage Tableware and a Pie to Write Home About

    casual outdoor dining vintage spring blossom corelle and pyrex thrifted tablecloth 1024x768

    Hi. I hope you're doing well.

    We had the pleasure of having our friends Niall and Leslie over for dinner on the Saturday of the Labour Day Weekend. Thanks to you-know-what we haven't had more than one person over at a time to eat in 2 years and 8 months, so it was fun to pull out the good dishes -- vintage Corelle, Pyrex and Oneida Community Cutlery -- all made at least 50 years ago.

    The pattern on the dinner plates, platter and Pyrex refrigerator dish (which we used for serving) is "Spring Blossom", and on the dessert plates is "Butterfly Gold". The cutlery pattern is called "Shadow Rose" and I was given the set of them from Leslie herself, who received them from the estate of her friend and neighbour who had passed. I'm honoured to have them and glad to be able to serve Leslie with a lovely reminder of her friend.

    These were set on the table clad in a thrifted tablecloth (from this thrifting trip) and cotton napkins.

    The napkin rings are adorned with little tea and coffee pots, each one different. I have 8 of those, which I got as a gift to myself many moons ago, shortly after first getting my own home. There were so many more important and necessary things I needed at the time, but dang, I wanted those napkin rings. They were so cute! They came from a boutique and I was (supposed to be) only browsing. Anyway, now I'm glad I spent unwisely in my youth because they still make me happy today.

    The wooden placemats are ones that Nick gave me for my birthday a few years ago.

    An Interesting Walk in Toronto – Part 2 : Including a Market Within Shipping Containers

    map of interesting walk in toronto king and bathurst neighbourhood

    Hello again! Here is Part 2 of "An Interesting Walk in Toronto". Part 1 is found here.

    In a nutshell, this approximately 45 minute walk begins at Bathurst Street and King Street West and ends back where you began, after taking you by many noteworthy Toronto sites, some brand new and some historic, along the way.

    (I don't want to repeat myself with the whole intro here, so if you'd like to know more about where this walk takes you, please see Part 1.)